Secure Store Service is Included With Search Server Express 2010

I did my first Search Server Express (SSE) 2010 installation the other day. I expected to see a new Service Application for search available, but what I did not expect to see were a few other services, in particular, the Secure Store Service.

Why do I care about this? Well, as I wrote about previously, the BCS relies on this very heavily when running in a multi server environment without Kerberos. (As an aside, Kerberos, or Cerberus is the three headed dog that guards the gates of Hades. Aptly named I think.). SharePoint Foundation 2010 does not come with this service, which pretty severely limits the value of BCS for these environments.

SSE is a free add-on to SharePoint Foundation 2010, and therefore, suddenly, there is hope! Foundation users CAN use BCS,they just need to install SSE first,and as a nice bonus, they’ll get a much stronger search engine.

2 thoughts on “Secure Store Service is Included With Search Server Express 2010

  1. jack

    Have you managed to successfully use Secure Store Service on Sharepoint Foundation for BCS? I””ve installed SPF+SSE and secure store service apperead under services with status “started”, but when I try to configure it I get message that “Evaluation period has expired” After doing some googling I came to the conclusion that it””s imposible to use SSS under sharepoint foundation.

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